carlton mccoy

Wine Director & Master Sommelier

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Wine Director Carlton McCoy began his career in food and beverage in high school, in a culinary arts course. A scholarship to The Culinary Institute of America called McCoy to his true passion: wine and service.

Carlton has a sense of adventure, travelling the world in search of great wine and spirits. He has graced several celebrated environments including Thomas Keller’s Per Se, Marcus Samuellson’s Aquavit, Tom Colicchio’s Craft Steak in New York, and Eric Zeibold’s CityZen at The Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC.

Carlton arrived at The Little Nell in November 2011, inspired by the hotel's Wine Spectator Grand Award-winning program and the property's exciting reputation. On May 22, 2013, Carlton became the 10th Master Sommelier to come through The Little Nell's wine program, and 1 of 2 currently on The Little Nell's famed wine team. When he's not serving, studying or tasting wine, you can find Carlton fishing, camping, hiking or skiing.